Are There Really "Natural Supports" for Individuals with Disabilities?

1. Tell us about your "Natural Supports"

This poll has been developed by Denver Fox, Ed.D., parent of two adult children with disabilities. You may contact him at

This poll is for parents, caregivers and/or individuals with disabilities. It is NOT for policy makers or others.

Many of us have been told to use "natural supports" to provide services and supports for ourselves or our children with disabilities. Even some policy makers are suggesting using "natural supports" as an answer to terribly reduced funding. Some of us have been made to feel guilty if we don't seem to have "natural supports." Do "cute kids" with minor or physical disabilities have more "natural supports" available then older kids with profound cognitive disabilities or adults with behavioral challenges? This is just one of many questions that should be explored in this area.

This is an anonymous poll.

So, tell us about your experience with "natural supports."

1. I am a


2. The individual with a disability is the following age


3. Choose all that apply. The individual with a disability has a


4. Choose all that apply:
I have "natural supports" that I can regularly depend on to help from the following:


5. I feel that my level of help and support from my "natural supports" is


6. I have been made to feel "guilty" by other parents. professionals, service folks, articles in magazines/bulletins, the "system," and/or others regarding my level of having "natural supports"


7. In regards to training in gaining and using "natural supports"

8. Please provide comments and thoughts about any aspect of "natural supports" you would like to share. This is an anonymous poll.

Thank you for your responses, which will be kept confidential.

If you liked this survey and think it is important, please pass it on to other groups and friends.

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Survey on "Natural Supports" for Individuals with Disabilities and Families

Many of us have been told that we should use our "natural supports" to provide services to ourselves and our kids - even in place of paid services. Do you have natural supports? Tell us if you do or not, and a bit about them.

This is an 8 question survey, anonymous and should take about 5 minutes or less.

This is for parents/guardians, caregivers and individuals with disabilities ONLY.

Results, when completed, will be posted on the PAD-CO website. We will leave the poll open until May 7, 2011.

Please copy and paste this post into your listservs and emails. Lets get as many responses as possible. Thank you

This poll was developed by a parent of two adult children with profound disabilities - Denver Fox, Ed.D.

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