Minutes of the PAD-CO meeting with DDD

Discussion with DDD (Sharon Jacksi, Barbara Ramsey, Christine Thomas) on 6/23/09; 11 PAD-CO members were present.


Below is a listing of topics and questions that were discussed.




Funding caps


Question:  How were the funding caps for the SLS levels developed and by whom?


Provider Rates


Question: Can providers direct bill to Medicaid?


Question:  Will there ever be a requirement for Independent Contractors (ICs) to
get a Medicaid Number and meet similar rules required of PASAs?
RESPONSE:  All waiver providers must meet Medicaid qualifications whether the provider is delivering services as an individual, an agency or through an Organized Health Care Delivery System (OHCDS.)  The only OHCDSs delivering services for people with developmental disabilities in Colorado are the CCBs.  DDD is working to create system changes necessary to enroll all providers,  however the system is not in place yet and we don't anticpate it will be in place until the end of next year.


Utilization Rates







Question: Do you know how many individuals are losing services and funding?


Sharon Jacksi said that DDD has breakdowns by level (she called them “winners” and “losers”) and will share this information when it is available.


DDD said there are approximately 100 people at level E across the State and these individuals are funded above the $35,000 cap.  PAD-CO questioned whether these people would be grandfathered under the new SLS waiver and DDD said that SLS was not meant to meet all needs, and that these folks might be changed to the comprehensive waiver.


Question:  Why did all of this have to change?


Question:  Why did the DDD combine certain levels?


Question:  Why not include self-determination in the SLS waiver?


Behavioral Supports.  Is DDD looking to add this as a component?

DDD said “yes” and that there are questions on the community risk and they will add a specific section to the SLS for evaluating behavioral needs. 


PAD-CO asked how many people did not get the services by their CCBs.


PAD-CO asked how we can implement needed changes to these new waivers, rates, and caps.


PAD-CO asked if the DDD would be receiving any stimulus funds for the waivers and the answer was “no.”


PAD-CO asked if there would be any new SLS slots because it seems as if there will be more funds available due to the reduced funding to families.  The answer was “no, there won’t be any new SLS slots.”


PAD-CO asked about wait lists and DDD explained that these are handled by the counties but DDD is considering making it one state-wide list.


Targeted Case Management – DDD determines the rates for these services and these services do not replace the SLS case manager and the funding does not come out of an individual’s SLS plan and funding.



Denver asked DDD to conduct a study of the CCB system.


After hearing the great input from PAD-CO, Sharon Jacksi was surprised at what is actually occurring and said that parents should let DDD know what’s going on.  She said that under the FAQ page, there is an e-mail address where questions/inquiries/and issues should be sent.


PAD-CO asked if a parent got an FAQ, could they take that to the CCB without retaliation.  Sharon Jacksi stated that they want to know about all instances of retaliation.


DDD said they would provide the written rate analysis to PAD-CO (the PowerPoint Presentation) and Judy Brown was the work leader on this effort.


Sharon Jacksi agreed to have more meetings to continue discussions and agreed to get us the “winners” and “losers” list.


Sharon asked the group to come up with a 2-page document that would identify themes or topics (e.g., respite).  This would help DDD organize and respond to questions and issues.