Something very special happened to Kyle yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. DP called and said a foundation had donated a special gift that they wanted to go to someone who would really want it. So DP called us and
asked if Kyle would like it. It is a remote controlled robot.

If you knew Kyle you would know that Kyle is the biggest gadget guy on earth. He has always LOVED transformers and legos and remote control anything. They delivered his robot yesterday. He has "taught" the robot to whistle already. (Don't ask, I don't know how it works).

But I wanted to share with you how much this foundation has touched Kyle's soul. It takes extraordinary kindness from a few to make up for the rest.  He played with the robot until he went to sleep last night...non stop.

But more than anything, he was stunned that anybody cares about him. He, of course, asked me if I had made it happen....for the FIRST time I was able to tell the truth....NO! I had nothing to do with it! People just thought of YOU. I'm not 100% sure he believed me.

Here are some pictures of Kyle with his robot friend.

You're invited to view these photos online at Ofoto!
Just click on View Photos to get started.

I need more days like yesterday and I know you do, too. So I hope our story gives you something, too.








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