Andy riding his bike (with his helper, Dale) on the Highline Canal during recovery after L6 Spinal Cord Injury.

Tim, Amy and Chinook, the "supposed" service dog who never quite got trained!

Andy's first step after his 1998 spinal cord injury, 12 weeks in a cast, and a couple of years of therapy

Andy was born in 1967 with a profound developmental disability.  He was quite ill the first years of his life and was hospitalized many times.  At the age of 5 years, Andy started the program of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia.  We traveled there very 3 months, and for five years carried out an intensive cross-disciplinary home therapy program with volunteers.  His illnesses and hospitalizations stopped at that time, and we noted significant improvements.  Andy was involved in school programs after that.  In 1998, he fell out of bed and broke his L6 vertebrae, injuring his spinal cord.  He had unknown severe osteoporosis.  We worked with him on therapy for two years, and he regained about 90% of his leg functions. Andy now lives happily in a Host Home and attends a "Day Program"  Changes and improvements in his day programs are our main concern at this time.

Tim had a spinal cord injury on his 21st birthday, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down.  He graduated with high honors from the University of Denver and was class president at Stanford Law School.  He worked at a top law firm in Washington, DC, met his attorney (Yale Law School) wife, Amy, there, moved to Denver, and they now have a nationally recognized law firm specializing in civil rights and discrimination.




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