Developmental Pathways/Continuum Membership and Info Letter


The following letter was sent via email and USPS to Continuum, Inc., on July 20, 2013.  To date (August 6, 2013) no response or acknowledgement of receipt has been received.

17454 E Dewberry Drive

Parker, CO 80134


July 20, 2013


RE: Continuum of Colorado, Inc.

Colorado Corporate ID 20121278113



National Registered Agents, Inc.

1675 Broadway

Suite 1200

Denver, CO 80202


and via email attachment and USPS


Copies to:


Lloyd Sweet, CFO

Melanie Worley, CEO

Continuum of Colorado
11111 E Mississippi Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012




325 Inverness Drive South

Englewood, CO 80112



Continuum of Colorado
11111 E Mississippi Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012


Virginia C. Gross

Virginia L. Griffith

700 West 47th Street

Suite 1000

United States

Kansas City 64112



Dear individuals in charge of and running Continuum of Colorado, Inc., CO - State Corporate ID 20121278113:




1.  Membership in the corporation, Continuum of Colorado, Inc.


2.  A listing of the Board of Directors of Continuum of Colorado, Inc.


3.  A copy of the current by-laws of Continuum of Colorado, Inc., all minutes of the corporate meetings, a line item budget and a listing of all expenditures..


Your articles of organization/incorporation state the following:


Article V


The sole member of the Corporation shall be Development (sic) Pathways Inc. (the “Publicly Supported Organization”).


We believe that Continuum of Colorado, Inc., needs to have a broader and more numerous membership.  Continuum spends scores of millions of local, state and federal dollars and having only one member (and a corporation, at that) gives you extremely limited input from the community, and keeps the focus of the corporation very narrow.


We request that you revise the Articles to include a broader membership, and we offer the following community members for Continuum of Colorado, Inc.  A brief description of the qualifications of each proposed member is provided along with their names.  To provide proper community balance, we have included both those who live in the Continuum catchment area, and those who do not.


Denver Fox, Ed.D. – Dr. Fox has over 45 years experience in disabilities advocacy and services, and is the parent of two sons with disabilities.  He is the moderator and founder of Parents of Adults with Disabilities in Colorado, IssuesPAD-CO, the National Organization to End the Waitlists, and has published numerous reports and surveys related to disabilities.


Steve Hemelstrand - Parent of and advocate for his son, Matthew, 14,.Caretaker of elderly parent, Alice, 80, 22 years as an IT Executive 12 years experience as a stay at home Dad and advocate for services for individuals with disabilities and the elderly.


Gerrie Frohne, MSW, 41 years as a Volunteer Parent Advocate


Maureen Welch, MA - has many years experience in public education as a teacher and is the parent to three young boys, two of whom have disabilities. She is active in the community and currently CEO of the household.


Ginny Ward - MBA, CNA - Retired High Tech Manager, Research Librarian, Professional Writer, Mother of nine children, 40 years of experience advocating for and parenting people with disabilities


Please advise us as to when we can become members of Continuum of Colorado, Inc., and the time and location of the membership meetings.


Also, please provide a listing of 1) the members of the Board of Directors of Continuum of Colorado, Inc.,  2) a copy of the current By-Laws, 3) minutes of all corporate meetings, 4) a line-item budget for 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, and 4) a listing of all expenditures for FY 2012/13 and so far for 2013/14.


Yours very truly,

Denver C. Fox, Ed.D.

303 773 3890


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