PAD-CO letterhead
February 6, 2009
Barbara Prehmus, Director, Long-Term Benefits, HCPF
Sharon Jacksi, Director DDD
Barbara Ramsey, Program Development and Operations, DDD
Dear Barbara Prehmus, Sharon Jacksi and Barbara Ramsey:
It has been almost four years since the Governor signed HB05-1243, a bill which contained an estimated annual savings of $11 million dollars
.  It seems that in today’s economic crisis (or, actually, at any time) a savings of $11 million per year would necessitate rapid and immediate response by HCPF and DDD, in order to provide needed services to thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities who are either not being served, or are being “under-served.”
Participants of PAD-CO lack clarity regarding the implementation of the CDASS waiver for DD Comprehensive and SLS services.  We would appreciate your thoughts and responses to the following:
1,      Is the following scenario correct?  If not, please provide clarification.
The DD Comp Waiver will be completely written and available for public comment on 2/20/09. with public comment to be returned to DDD by 3/16/09. The completed Comp Waiver will be posted on the DD Website under "What's New" on 2/20/9 and will include the plan for CDASS in DD to be implemented on 7/1/09 or whenever it is approved by CMS.  On 2/2009 the completed DD Comp Waiver will ALSO go to HCPF for their input  There will not be time for public comment on the changes that HCPF might make before sending the Waiver on to CMS around 4/1/9. 
2.       What input have parents, self-advocates and other stakeholders had into the development of the DD Waiver and the CDASS process, especially given previous statements that there would be a CDASS Committee of stakeholders convened around September, 2008?
3.       Specifically what other CDASS type waivers have been submitted, or are scheduled to be submitted to CMS, what will they cover, who will control and administer them (HCPF or DDD or ?)
 4.       Is there an attempt or plan to have ALL Colorado Medicaid Waivers include a CDASS option?
5.       We have heard from various sources that the DD CDASS waiver delay has been caused by CMS processing, but we are confused as it appears that the DD Comp Waiver with the inclusion of CDASS has not even been submitted.  Please help us understand this.
6.       In regards to SLS waivers and CDASS, confusion reigns, with reports from various parts of the state indicating “CDASS is not available under SLS,”  “I got SLS/CDASS easily,”  “CDASS/SLS covers only a portion of the available SLS services.”  It has been claimed by some that, for SLS, CDASS would apparently not be available for Supported Employment, Day habilitation (day programs), community access, respite, mentorship, transportation, and possibly supervision.  Could you clarify the current status of CDASS as it related to the SLS waiver, the coverages and any future plans for CDASS and the SLS waiver.
Your responses would be most helpful.
Denver C. Fox, Ed.D. Moderator, PAD-CO
Cc: Members of the Joint Budget Committee